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We are small but active Community Centre
that values rural traditions.

Many events happen for all ages,
so come on down and enjoy the Centre and all it has to offer.

Congratulations to the new Board of Directors
Lucas Durand President hamtond76@hotmail.com
Amie Cryderman Vice acryder1@lakeheadu.ca
Sean Jackson Treasurer joeinontario@hotmail.com

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Community Centre Volunteers


Upcoming Board meetings:
Monday, Feburary 16, 2015

7:30 pm

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Public Notice:
Gillies Community Centre May Close

The Gillies Community Centre may be under the threat of closure without volunteers stepping up and stepping in to a position on the Hall Board this January 19, 2015.  The only mandatory requirement to be a member of the hall board is the willingness to see this great building continue to thrive and survive.   

Volunteers are the most important resource community organizations have. The ability of people to work willingly together for the betterment of their community and themselves is a valuable resource. The Community Centre needs new volunteers with new and fresh ideas. Being a member requires your time for once a month meetings (September to June) and working as a volunteer or soliciting for volunteers to help out at various events sponsored by the Hall. All other events are run by other members of the Greater Community and do not require Hall Board time.

The Gillies Community Centre currently offers various programs including exercise, yoga, youth dances, book swap and special event fund raisers.  The Annual Christmas Tea is a great way to visit with old friends and meet new neighbors.  Let’s not forget that this hall is the home of Mile Hill Melodrama and is available for private functions at very affordable rates. Past events that could be brought back are card nights and disking.  All these events will not be available if the Hall closes.

The Gillies Community Centre does not receive direct funding from the Municipality of Gillies or the Provincial Government. The Hall is operated solely on funds raised through the rental of the hall for community events, fund raisers sponsored by the hall and, donations from kind citizens and groups.  There is some grant opportunities through the Federal and Provincial governments.  The Municipality of Gillies donates much needed in-kind services such as snow clearing operations and the sanding of the parking lot if and as required.  The hall is financially in good shape with an operating budget of $12,000 a year.  Our current activities are letting us meet our budgetary needs, however, without a hall board, bills can’t be paid and the hall can’t be booked.  As of now we have not been approached by anybody willing to step into the roles that will be vacated by existing members.   The hall board cannot run with only two members.
If nobody volunteers to help this great Community Centre to keep the welcoming doors open, we will be forced to close the doors.  

The history of the hall goes back to almost 100 years.  The hall is full of the voices of our past as it has always been a gathering place for residents and neighbors of the greater surrounding area. We all know that closing this hall would result in a great loss to the local community and neighborhood. It would be like losing a good friend.  

To keep the Hall up and running, we ask you to volunteer for a position on the Hall Board.  Think of all the things you can bring to our Hall: to help others and contribute to the community.  You can find new friends and new relationships, you can develop a sense of accomplishment, you may learn new skills, you will be working for a great cause, and you will help improve the quality of our community’s life.

Please help us keep this hall running.  You are invited to come out to our next Hall Board Meeting on Monday, November 17 at 7:30 pm . Come and ask questions and get a feel on what it's like to give back to your community.